Friday, March 11, 2016

Kedrigern's Best Brown, rebrew

One of my favourite brews I have made was the Kedrigern's brown--last time, I had a couple of of which was that it was only a 3 gallon batch, and therefore didn't last long enough.  The post for the original batch can be found here

So, this time I'm fixing that and brewing a full 6 gallons (in two batches, since my setup isn't made for more than 3.5).  I've made a couple of changes to the recipe, the most significant of which is the use of actual liquid yeast for the first time.  Plus, since I will be aging in a 5gal secondary for a few weeks, I plan to take one gallon and put it through a secondary with brettanomyces.

Should be 6.5 gallons in there, bubbling happily

10.8 lb Marris Otter
1.75 Munich
1 Caramel 70
.5 caramel 60
1.25 Special B
1 lb Aromatic Malt
0.5 Brown malt
0.5 chocolate malt (cold steeped overnight), strained and added at 5 minutes left of the boil.
7oz Acid malt
East Kent Goldings 5.7% AA

Wyeast Irish Ale
Mash one--I found the limit to my pot (with the thin mashes I tend to use)

Batch one
2 quarts per lb of grain, aiming at 152 mash temp.  Hit 155 at mash in--within range.  About a 75 minute mash, getting 4.25 gallons out.  1.040 at 145, and 1.059 adjusted.  1.065?  I don't see how that is possible?

3-9-16; Pitched the yeast, saving a bit in a starter for future use.

0.4 oz at first wort
0.25 oz at 20 minutes
0.2 oz at 5 minutes

The 1 gallon second mashing got 5 quarts of water added and heated to 155.  About 1.5 gallons of 1.037 wort at 120 degrees (1.047 corrected).  I added 0.2oz of the EKG hops, and and brought it to 180 degrees, but that is all--aiming for a Raw Ale.  Still haven't decided what to pitch...
Brew day one, and the small brown ale to the right.

Batch Two:
2 quarts per lb, mashed in at 152.  70minute mash, 4 gallons out with 1.040 at 145 (1.059 adjusted).  4.5 quarts of water added to the grain bed at 142 which will steep while the main wort is coming to a boil (then get added in).  After adding the second steeping, the gravity is 1.021 at 200 degrees--1.063 adjusted?
3.5 gallons of 1.037 at 175 (1.079?) went into the fermenter once cool enough (I left most of the proteins behind this time)

Pacific Gem: 0.25 at 60
EKG 0.3 at 20
EKG 0.3 at 1
Heating for the boil, and steeping the grains a second time.
4-13-16; Racked into a 5 gallon carboy on 0.5oz of oak cubes (soaked in whiskey, since I didn't have brandy on hand).  Gallon no. 6 went into a separate jug and will receive dregs and probably some Roeselares so it will get a bit funky.

5-10-16; FG 1.014.  I decided to blend the separate gallon into the main bottling--the Roeselares wasn't doing much (might have with long term, but oh well).  That gallon got the 2.8 oz of dark brown sugar for priming, and was heated to pasteurize.  40x 12oz bottles, 4 pint bottles, and 3 each of bombers and 750ml Corked belgian bottles.


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