Sunday, August 21, 2016

Graveyard Gose, a WoW Racial Beer

Ok....lets be honest--I have no idea what malts are in this.  I bought them months ago, and they have been in my freezer until I could get around to actually brewing it, since at the time I hadn't yet experimented with souring.  And in a computer crash I lost all of my Brewtarget data.

So...I'm going to make my best guess that it was intended to be a dark or black gose, and that I went off of the standard 40%/60% wheat/pilsner grain bill, before adding colour and specialty malts.  Total weight was 2.6 pounds.

Near 100% Wheat

I decided I wanted to see what a wheat beer really tastes like--with the BIAB system, you don't have to worry too much about stuck sparges.  So, I went with a grain bill which was almost entirely wheat, other than colour malts (sadly, chocolate wheat wasn't available), to make something like a weizenbock.

That /was/ the plan.  Then I thought about making it into a wit beer, with only a 15minute boil.
  Then a friend sent some wild Washington bolete mushrooms to me--and a day later, someone on a homebrewing group mentioned making a bier de garde with black chanterelles.  And the new idea was born.