Sunday, August 21, 2016

Graveyard Gose, a WoW Racial Beer

Ok....lets be honest--I have no idea what malts are in this.  I bought them months ago, and they have been in my freezer until I could get around to actually brewing it, since at the time I hadn't yet experimented with souring.  And in a computer crash I lost all of my Brewtarget data.

So...I'm going to make my best guess that it was intended to be a dark or black gose, and that I went off of the standard 40%/60% wheat/pilsner grain bill, before adding colour and specialty malts.  Total weight was 2.6 pounds.

Because of the bits of extremely dark roasted malt, and based on my ideas, I believe it was intended to be my Graveyard Gose--an oddball, sour dark wheat beer as part of my WoW racial line of brews I designed.  In my slim notes, it says "dark gose (soured wheat beer with salt and coriander), with mushrooms, juniper, and wormwood.".  Well, I was unable to access my juniper berries, so--in a fit of probably sleep-deprived inspiration, I added a few spruce tips.

1.5 lb German pilsner
1 lb German wheat malt
2? oz of something dark--probably Chocolate malt

2oz spruce tips (this year's, but full grown.  Just not woody yet, fairly mild in flavour)
4g of coriander (15 minutes)
1tsp wormwood (5 minutes--no more!)

I didn't add acid malt, since at the time I intended to do a two part mash, adding a large quantity of acidulated malt to sour it after the majority of conversion was complete.

So, I decided to mash in at 110 for a Beta-glucanase rest with 1 gallon,2 cups of water--when I did this yesterday on the farmhouse wheat, I overshot.  So this time, I'm just drawing the water at the correct temperature from the tap. 30 minute rest, temp lowering all the while (but I don't care, as long as it stays close to 100).

Added boiling water to raise the temp to 130 for a 15 minute rest there.

Again, infused with boiling water until I reached the 150 target temp for sacharification, then rested for 60 minutes (and a bit).  Heated for a mash out.

One hour boil, additions as scheduled.  I then pitched the contents of 1-2 capsules of Spring Valley Women's Probiotic, which has a variety of Lactobacillus strains (this is the same I used in the Sour Raspberry "Saison").

I mostly forgot to add the salt, in the boil; however, all is not lost since it will be easier to add to taste at bottling anyways.

6-23-16; OG 1.055.

9-14-16; FG 1.013.  Added 4g of kosher salt, and 0.8oz of white sugar to carb.  Aiming for around 2.6-7 volumes.  Labeled GG'16

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